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This is really subjective, but if I had to guess the answer, I’d guess it takes something like a weekend to learn fingerstyle guitar. There are many guitar players who don’t have the time for guitar lessons (or they don’t really like guitar lessons), so they are not going to become proficient because they don’t need to learn fingerstyle. But I also have had several students go for months without learning any guitar because they just couldn’t find any teachers to play with, so to them, fingerstyle has no relation to their musical tastes. When I was at high school, the teacher I was tutoring had me play every week. Now I just use free online teachers, but I still learned by myself at times, and that’s what it takes.

As you gain experience, you gain knowledge about how your fingers will work to make a particular music sound good. You might need to practice with different players to fine-tune your playing, because fingerstyle requires you to be different from one another. You are learning the music, so you are not learning how to make a sound with your fingers. But there are times when you come across a good guitarist so you can play along with them at a rehearsal. That’s fine because the best fingerstyle players are still musicians, not guitarists.

This method of learning fingerstyle is not really a technique to make a living doing, for it is basically an exercise that takes years of hard work and dedication from many guitarists. However, it does provide a method for learning fingerstyle and many lessons can be downloaded online because it’s such a simple method. This is a great option for beginners and others who can’t afford a professional teacher or even an online program. If you’d like to learn fingerstyle guitar, check out my website at



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If you don’t need it, just skip to the next section, which does a better job in explaining the importance of fingering and music theory. If you do need it, here is my beginner’s guide to fingerstyle.

In addition to learning how to play guitar with fingerstyle, you also need a good understanding

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