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Can I learn more than one style of guitar? What are the hardest and easiest things to learn in order to develop a solid technique? How can someone who’s never played guitar to improve their performance skills? What is the most likely cause of false starts when learning guitar? What do I do if I hear a friend with “too big a throat” or “too long a neck?” How do I get a guitar that plays fast, fast, and fast? In this show I’ll address the most common questions about playing guitar and give a couple tips to make learning easier. I’ll also explain what a solid technique is, and what I’ve learned from my own playing.

The most remarkable statistic you’ll hear in an election year is the one that’s probably been said about all presidential debates: Hillary Clinton won.

For the Clinton campaign, it was a victory not only of strategy, but of numbers. Hillary Clinton went out there and won.

It was the first time a Democrat had won an argument, not even a fight, against Donald Trump in an election, let alone a general election, where the stakes are as high as they have been in years.

She won on two of the three fundamental values that presidential candidates have to hold together: the importance of values and the importance of policies.

One of the things that has been missing in the debate this year is a clear message of values about a real-world approach, and policies that embody them.

When you watch Trump on the stage, you don’t hear about values; you hear about his personality and “strength” and “stamina.” They’re just his default talking points. We’re used to candidates telling us that it’s important that we have “strength,” or that we can be tough because we have “so much talent.”

In her debate, Clinton brought a new way of thinking to the table. She made clear how critical it is not to abandon values, but to strengthen them.

When I was a kid, the first time I saw an election in which the candidates were asked their values, the debates had not yet been invented. It wasn’t until the 1988 campaign that Gary Hart asked the same question of Bob Dole — the Republican nominee. Dole did not respond. When he did, Dole tried to blame himself, saying, “We were so angry that we started talking about things that were out of bounds.”

When Dole raised his voice during a debate during the 2004 election, his

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