How many guitar chords should I learn? – Easy Songs To Learn On Guitar For Beginners

It depends on your skill level and what you’re doing. The most popular guitar chord books offer beginner-level lessons so you can feel confident on the fretboard. You’ll learn all the chords you need to know to play every popular band and classic song. A couple of guitarists use advanced guitar chord books to get them started playing real chords. Here are some intermediate- and advanced-level examples of guitar chords covered in music theory books. Advanced players should study a comprehensive guide of chord progressions and chord shapes.

The US military is on a hunt. It wants to know if two dozen or more retired military service members are currently armed or trained in a terror organization as part of a secret “special operations” unit operating out of a heavily guarded federal airfield.

According to leaked documents and an investigative report in The Intercept, some of the “hundreds or thousands” of retired “supervising officers” — those with supervisory responsibility of hundreds, if not thousands, of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and naval aviators — are being secretly directed to launch “direct action” operations in Africa, the Middle East, and Central America.

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The report notes that there are a very limited number of members of the army and air force who have taken up the Special Operations job. The general overseeing the special operations review was not named, but his role is described as “Chief of Staff.”

“The general … will evaluate and propose solutions to the special operations threat facing the nation,” the Intercept stated. “He will likely draw heavily on classified information from the military and intelligence community and other departments.”

The group’s operations, in the report’s words, are “secret, not to the public in the traditional sense, and, if it are ever brought to light, would not be covered by existing laws or regulations … It is the most secretive branch of the US military, often operating out of a federal airfield at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, with other locations in the United States and overseas.”

The Washington Post reported in October that the Army had a Special Operations Division, which was responsible for covert intelligence

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