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As of now, at least 6 and as close to the same as you can without being restricted by time or tempo. In the following sections we’ll discuss a few different ways you can develop your chords. The purpose is to get you thinking differently while still being able to play your solos quickly.

Start with the simple shapes and gradually add other shapes.

If you already know each chord, here’s a list of the chord symbols and the order in which they appear on the guitar. (You can use this page to quickly get to the symbols for each chord.)

If you don’t know a tonal shape yet, start with one.

A lot of guitar players can’t even really see the differences between scales and voicings, so try to visualize them using shapes.

We’ve included a “cheat sheet” with all of the shapes used, so that you don’t have to do anything to make your guitar sound any different.

A quick “tip of the day” is to try to play every chord that uses a specific chord. It doesn’t have to be a scale or chord, so long as you feel a very strong connection between the root note and every chord you are playing.

You can combine the chords into larger chords by changing the root note, but this is harder. Here’s a sample of some ideas.

The following guitar lessons will begin to make these simple chords sound like they have multiple voicings, but they only use a chord shape for the root note.

1. Beginner’s Guide to Chord Chords

2. Advanced Chord Chords

3. Chord Chord Basics

4. Chord Chord Examples

5. Chord Chords 101

6. Chord Chord Practice

7. Chord Riff

8. Chord Over Time

9. Chord Practice with Fretboard

10. Chord Chords in Guitar Pro Studio

11. Chord Chords in Guitar Pro X

12. Chord Chords in Ableton Live

13. Chord Chords in iTunes

12. Beginner’s Guide to Chord Chords

The notes of a chord are the same in any key. This is the “basics of chords” page in this lesson.

The chords of a chord are in the key of C.

These 5 chord shapes are not part of the chords

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