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What is the guitar’s serial number? How much have you purchased it for by mail?

I want to pay taxes to the government (for example, federal, state, and U.S. tax). What must I do to make sure I get paid?

The address on the return should match the address indicated, but please get an IRS mailing label to send by first class mail or overnight delivery to your payee address. (You need your IRS mailing label or proof of mailing that you have paid the tax.)

This question is a little simpler. The most you need to do is add the total in parentheses:

$11,000.00 – the purchase price of the guitar

$2,000.00 – the purchase price of the instrument (if you buy the guitar from the retailer)

$750.00 – the purchase price of the instrument plus any taxes (federal, state or U.S.)

I’m buying a new guitar and the retailer does not provide any warranty information, such as “Made in the U.S?” or similar. Can I still use the same guitar as long as I use the same part?

Yes, you can still use the same instrument. You need to be willing to pay an additional $1,500.00 for repairs and the cost of replacing the instrument if required, but you can keep the used guitar as long as you don’t sell it directly to consumers or resell the instrument.

I’ve bought a used guitar and the warranty is about to expire. What should I do?

The best way to determine if a used guitar is new or used is to compare the price. If the previous owner’s current invoice shows the cost of the repair to be $400.00, is the guitar no longer new, or has worn down and needs replacement? If the previous owner’s current invoice shows a $400.00 cost for replacement, does this price seem comparable to the new price of the repaired guitar that I’ve seen? If the condition of the guitar is not what the seller claims, is it still new?

If you bought the guitar new, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer to find out if the warranty applies to you. For information, contact your dealer or retailer directly. If you paid for the instrument as mail-order or at a retailer, you may be authorized by the manufacturer to use that warranty for you. Some dealers provide a limited warranty covering only the defective part.

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