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The law can give a student an exemption from the national anthem, but the school will have to follow a different rule. It has to “act within the confines of morality.”

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If students don’t take the pledge, there could be consequences. They could be subject to a “show cause” if they were found to be disrespecting the flag.

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I’ll be the first to admit that if your dog barks when you’re out of sight, it’s probably because you’re acting silly!

But you can stop using voice commands to correct your dog’s barking. The barking usually just signals that the owner isn’t looking where he or she’s looking.

Here are some tips you can use to stop barking:

Try using a calm voice. Say ‘OK!’, say it slowly and softly. Don’t stop barking just on cue!

Put your paw on your dog’s nose. This is a very common and effective correction!

Let your dog feel you’re with her for a few seconds.

Try to stay in the same position. Stop moving, stop barking and start playing with her so she can enjoy her day.

Don’t just stand there! You should always be making some sort of positive action to stop the barking!

What to do if your dog barks when you’re out of sight

If your dog barks while you’re out of sight, there are a couple of things you can do to stop it:

Start barking! Try to stop barking by ‘tapping’ on their hindquarters. You can do this if they’re close to your body. It won’t stop barking completely, but it could stop the barking for a while.

Give ‘positive attention’ – this means paying attention to your dog and treating them well. Again, this won’t stop the barking entirely. However, it will do a few things for the dog: it’ll encourage a positive response from him, it’ll prevent distractions like getting too far away or getting out of line, and it will make learning to control the behaviour a bit easier for your dog. It also takes some time, but once you’ve got it, it can be very rewarding!


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