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What’s your opinion on kids learning guitar?

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The best way to start a game is to do nothing. There is no point in talking to your opponent about any specific scenario. The best part of the game is to make your opponent do nothing for the first 10 minutes. The game starts with the players laying down their cards and setting up their decks. Then they shuffle their decks, and begin with the dice.

This is your chance to play. Start with 3 cards and begin rolling each player’s die. That’s it, no talking, no talking, no talking. The first players to draw three of each of their colors take the chance to start playing – that is, to start rolling. There is no more discussion – there is only rolling. It’s a game of chance.

I know that many of you already know this, but you’re playing and you’re not sure if your deck is powerful enough.

No, I am not the expert. There are lots of people who have played this game longer than me and are not quite sure how they’re supposed to make this type of deck work. I just know that it works. And not all the ways I’ve seen people play this game work (see my list of “bad” ways below) are right from the get-go.

If you don’t know this stuff, what to do when there’s more than one player?

If you’re going to play against someone (or you want to learn from me about your opponents) then you have to understand that they’re playing this game too. They’re playing with a deck they’ll probably never play again, and for the most part they’re still rolling dice. That means it’s perfectly acceptable to start the game with zero people and move on. They may be playing a similar game with some of the same cards as you, but the deck they’re working with isn’t what they’d normally be dealing with.

That’s okay. What they’re likely to have played, is probably a version of the same decks they’ll be running for the rest of their lives. So, how do I know? And what should I do to maximize my chances of winning?

You don’t. That may surprise some people to note. But it’s true.

The key, and this is the hardest thing to grasp, is

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