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If you want to learn guitar your 18, but not 21, you can be a member of the UK’s guitar club.

You do not need to be a professional musician in order to join the club, or to become a member.

The latest in a series of tweets from Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, suggests that he believes if he can convince the Texas state legislature he is elected president in November that a temporary halt in implementation of the federal health care law, such as the one that Republicans recently proposed in the federal budget, is justified.

“Obamacare is about to face a deadline of its own. If the president refuses to veto the continuing resolution, unless there are major changes in our budget, there is no stopping Obamacare. Period! Period!” read a tweet from Cruz on Sunday morning.

It appears that the Senate health care bill Cruz had been pushing, but never implemented, would have triggered a shutdown of the federal government and potentially caused hundreds of billions in lost federal funds to flow into the U.S. health insurance program.

There’s no way of knowing the precise impact of what Cruz could have said had it taken effect, but if it was anything as vague as a short-lived shutdown, it would have given Cruz credibility with conservatives at a time when the GOP is struggling to gain support from the base.

Cruz’s argument in the budget talks was he would need 60 votes to pass it, whereas Republicans needed 50. To date, Democrats have said at least three times they are open to adding Democrats to filibuster legislation.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Harry Mason ReidKavanaugh furor intensifies as calls for new testimony grow Dems can’t ‘Bork’ Kavanaugh, and have only themselves to blame Dem senator: Confidential documents would ‘strongly bolster’ argument against Kavanaugh’s nomination MORE (D-Nev.) signaled earlier this week that the GOP had no better option than a government shutdown for forcing the Democrats this week to consider the budget.

“We’re looking at continuing resolutions,” Reid told reporters during a break in the Senate’s work. “They’re out there right now; they haven’t yet been put on the floor,” he added. “When we get into the conference, I think we’re going to have to bring those up. It’s clear there are not a lot of Republicans in favor of continuing resolutions, which could be a long filibuster.”

The Senate passed a new budget resolution on Wednesday, giving Democrats a

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