Is 22 too old to learn guitar? – Best Learn To Play Guitar App 2020

Or are some kids just naturally gifted with it and they’re fine with getting a lot of help with it?

If your dad is a teenager then I understand and appreciate the challenge of teaching him the fundamentals so he starts thinking about chords in a more mature but simple way. Most teenagers get the lessons at home while their parents are working. However, at 18 or so, this may not be possible. I understand that parents may not be too keen on the idea of letting them grow up to make friends and maybe even a girlfriend and husband but to give these teenagers a guitar at 14 or 15 doesn’t seem like the best idea. My dad and I started playing guitar when we were 12 or 13 years old. We did a lot of playtime and we were really good, probably the best in our neighbourhood. This was around the time I had finished secondary school and I went to college at 15 or 16. As parents, we really couldn’t afford it but I still wanted lessons because it was so important to us. It’s like when my brother turned 10 or 10 and 11-year-old boys ask for help with stuff and I can hear how awkward that is. But if it’s a friend they want help with, or they are in their mid 20’s, then it is ok.

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There is a misconception as to what teenage guitar playing is like. I grew up surrounded by teenagers, mostly kids my own age, and they were much better than me at music and their playing was more interesting and more natural than my own. It wasn’t easy for me at all to learn guitar after that, especially at first. At 11 or 12, I thought I had it down, but it didn’t take long for me to realize I wasn’t as advanced as other guitar-players that had made a living. I wasn’t able to play it at the top level at home yet but I knew what I wanted and I felt I could develop all the skills it took to play it, to feel comfortable in it, and to put it into practice. Eventually, I worked up to be able to play at a decent level at home to start.

Most teenagers nowadays would have a more stable lifestyle than I had. I don’t think they would be able to play guitar at the level we did at that age, but what would they do? It just is not possible for them to learn as well at that age but there are lots of ways they can continue to learn. They can keep learning all those other skills at school

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