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Or is it too late?” The truth? Both.

“My sister is 26,” he said. “I’m 27. She got a PhD in physics from Oxford. That makes sense for me. And the more that she knows about physics, the better. Maybe that’s what we have this problem with, we don’t know a lot about music, and we don’t think much about our own education.

“The reason it’s hard to become a pianist or become a guitar player is because you’re so young!”

Dennis and Milly were married a year ago. She is 26 while he is 28. They have one son, who is a teenager.

By Steve Collins & Richard Wolzinger

When you hear the acronym “SCIENCE,” you don’t think of an entirely new science, but the discipline of physical chemistry. When it comes to understanding the chemistry of life, however, you think of the human body.

Since the dawn of time, life has always had to fight for its existence with the chemical environment it faces every day. The cells of each of us have a chemical makeup that allows us to resist and thrive against all the elements that are needed for life.

What’s it like to live inside of a cell? What are the chemicals involved in living in a living thing? How much does the physical environment matter in the making of a living thing?

From the molecules that hold life together – and the molecules that give it heat, light, and electricity – to the chemicals that build things up, life’s chemistry takes place in an environment that was not designed to be a living thing – and that has much to teach us about life on Earth.

The human body takes up much of the physical chemistry of the body. It is the most chemically diverse organ known. Every cell, from the smallest to the largest, has a chemical makeup that includes a variety of the building blocks of everything from proteins to DNA.

To understand this chemistry, we must also learn how the body works. Some basic physiology and molecular biology concepts are crucial to understanding chemistry and biology. Here are the four concepts you’ll need once you’ve understood that chemistry and biology are two sides of a single coin.

1. Biology versus Chemistry – How is the Body Made?

Understanding the process of biology means understanding the biology of the body. This is not just a matter of finding or creating biological molecules. It’s about figuring out how these molecules came into existence

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