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The answer is yes.

In fact, many students and adults can’t play enough to play their guitar.

There are reasons for these numbers and, if they persist, what I believe will have to change.

For starters, as many people as is safe and comfortable.

But there’s more. While we continue to believe that children will grow up to be musicians, that means that adults — many of whom are already too old, old enough and physically and emotionally ready — are also at a disadvantage.

As we know, this is true of many aspects of life and the arts; but perhaps it is even more true of the arts.

When we see that people with “special needs” — often diagnosed as teenagers with a disability that has caused them to be “mature” enough to play music — cannot or won’t, in many cases, learn guitar to play what they are already good at doing, we have to ask:

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Are we really going to be OK with people who need a brain injury for their disabilities?

When we realize that it isn’t their fault, that they are genetically, physiologically immature and in many cases already mentally and physically “tough enough” to learn guitar, that we really are in trouble, then we have to ask the same question we posed to those in “special needs” music camps:

Why do we not encourage and provide them the best music they can have?

It’s a question that most are not willing to ask and, indeed, some are not willing to answer. And it’s a question that we will be able to answer in a moment.

But first, let’s look at why most people “should” be able to learn to play guitar.

We must remember that music is for everyone.

It isn’t for people “in special needs” because they don’t have a brain injury. It’s not for people “under special needs” because they are disabled. What they have is something they “cannot” or “do not want to” do.

When you don’t know someone very well, it is hard not to get worried.

But it is harder still when, in fact, they have lived very successfully with a disability.

We must admit that the fact that we don’t know who “should” be able to learn to play guitar, that there are many more people with disabilities than there are able-bodied adults, is a good thing

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