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I guess it depends on your musicality. As I’ve said before, there’s a huge difference between picking chords and learning melody, or, say, a melody and a chord or how to put a riff together: that’s a whole different animal. The reason I say that is because, and this is what I always stress in any class – I have a huge list of songs I could not get down to just by listening. So it’s always very difficult for me to pick an idea, a chord progression.

On any song at any point in the book you have a feeling you’re going to sing it. I was listening to you from about 5 mins in the middle of recording the song and when I looked at it I was, “Oh crap… I’ll never remember that!”

Oh yeah, I think they are pretty damn good. It’s weird because, if we’ve done this before with somebody, they write a great tune and we’ll play it. We’ll try it out and when they play it they’ll go, “Wow… that’s great!” And then the next day we’ll play it over and over again, but we’ve changed things like adding things.

What’s so surprising are the songs that you didn’t play. What’s your technique with the guitar?

Most of the time on a new song we come up with a really good idea and then we throw it into the mix. Then in the studio there are so many different things going on in your mind and everything that you are doing you need to make it work. Then for “I’ll Be Your Mirror” there was a little guitar, so we had to throw that in there and it was not what we wanted.

In some things we have played a song in the room and we’ll put that in and then you go, “Wow. It’s not how we originally intended it to be. That was a really good idea.” Other times it’s so close to what we originally had in mind in order for it to feel good. So you have these things that stick out – they are the ones I like the most. It’s just a matter of how the songs play in the recording room.

Who’s in your studio band? Who’s your assistant and band tech? Or are you both soloers?

No, it’s just me! As we say on the record: it’s about me singing and you singing. It’s all me. We all play and write

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