Is it OK to start with an electric guitar? – How To Learn Guitar For Beginners For Free

Yes, it is. If you’re used to using a guitar as a foundation for a bass, it shouldn’t be too difficult to do a bass-like riff. If you’re not familiar with how to play a bass, feel free to ask.

Why should you avoid picking on soloing guitar parts? If the backing band is good enough, you can probably find yourself picking on a riff just by ear.

What’s another way to listen to a solo: If you’re a guitarist, check out this “I Saw it on TV” series by Matt Shultz. It’s the only series I can think of to show the different ways to listen to solos.
6 EASIER Guitar Chords for Kids or Total Beginners ...

What would be the best solo that you’ve ever done that you’d love to do again?

This is difficult to answer, as it depends on what type of solo you’re doing. If you’re a player who likes to jam with your band, then soloing is a big part of your job.

If you’re a lead guitarist, then maybe a great solo won’t be a part of your job at all, and you’d rather just play with your backing band all the time. That goes for anyone who wants to play rock or music that takes more than a few seconds.

As for the “best”: There are lots of great solos out there that I’d recommend. In my Top 10 of Top Guitar Soloists list that is. But to help you find the best solos, here are a few suggestions:

1. Don’t listen to your “best” solos every time you need to play a solo. The best solos are the ones that you’re actually comfortable going through with your set. Listen to your backing arrangements while you’re in the studio.

2. If you’re a lead guitarist or rhythm guitarist, try recording your playing with someone else in the same room. Play along or try a different setup. Try a different riff, a different tempo, etc.

3. Play with only one guitar, or even with two. When soloing, the other guitar can provide much needed context.

4. If you live in New York or Los Angeles, do some local playing. The New York and LA guitarists will often have a great feel for how you play. Your mileage may vary.

5. If you live on a small label with not too many resources, try doing a few nights a week at a local venue or

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