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The three basic guitar chords are D,C and Am. While the C7 chord is the only main chord in any popular classical music, it was only available in the early twentieth century and is now rare.

C 7 – the C chord (D)

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Most of the classical music played today is based on this chord. However, there are also a number of popular songs which use the D7 chord.

D7 – the D chord

The dominant chord in the A (A major) mode (A major chord in the A minor mode)

D7 – the Dominant Seventh

I found it useful to put both D7 and A in the same example (as in this D 7 ‘C Minor’ examples). I do this because the key of A minor is C and the A is also the only major chord in the major scale while the C7 is the only minor note in the scale.

(C, D & F): 3rd Position Chords

When you play this chord in a chord progressions example, I often do not include the third position chord until we get to the third note. That is why I often put the third note in the 2nd position.

Example: E7 Chord Progressions

E7 in 2nd Position – 3rd Position Chords

E7 Chord Progressions in 2nd Position

Examples of E7 Chord Progressions in 2nd Position

D7 – the Dominant Seventh

The 7th is normally a major chord. However, it was one of the most common chord types used by folk music throughout the pre-revolutionary days in France when it was used as a dominant chord. In fact, most of the classic folk tunes were written and recorded before the beginning of music in the Americas and Europe.

Example: Emaj7 Chord Progressions

Example: E7 Chord Progressions in 4th Position

Example: Em7 Chord Progressions in 5th Position

Example: Em7 Chord Progressions in 4th Position

D7 – the Dominant Seventh in 5th Position

F major is the dominant. Therefore, to use any chord progressions example, I prefer to list F major in the third position and the dominant chord in other positions such as 3rd position. I do this to show that F minor is the same as D7.

Example: G7 Chord Progressions

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