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Here’s how I learned the 3 chords:

The first chord is the root of a chord. Think of it as ‘root’ in a musical sense, the root of a chord is the note (i.e. a pitch) that the string is touching. (Note that this first chord does not contain the root note anymore, as you’ll see soon!)

The second chord has the same root note as the root of the root chord, but it is a different pitch.

It doesn’t matter if these notes are at the same pitch (or at a different pitch). What is important is that the 3 notes are touching, but at different pitches. For example, if the root note at F is the first note and the note on guitar is C (i.e. a C, a G, etc.), then the chords have the same root notes.

The third chord has a different pitch but still has all 3 notes touching. It could be the same pitch, so if the root note is the second note and the note on guitar is D (i.e. a E, a C, etc.), then the chords have the same root note.

So, these chords are the “same.”

The second chord is the root of the 3 notes that make up the chord.

Here’s a quick video that gives us an overview of the 3 keys:

How do you figure out how to find the root note of a chord?

First, you find the note of the root, and then you find the 3 notes that make up the chord. Here’s a quick video I made that gives this idea:

Notice that I played the same notes as when you first learned the first chords, but I now played the notes as if they are actually the root note.

For example, if we play the first chord as you learned it, and I then played the notes on guitar, the root note will just be the note on guitar. This is pretty much the same as the root note of the chord.

Let’s take a look at how to figure out the root note. There’s an easy way to do this: Start in key and play the chord in the key that you’re in. That will give you the root note of that chord. Once you have the root note, make the next note the next note up, and the next note up the next note down. That’s the root note. (See diagram

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