What are the 3 basic guitar chords? – Must Learn Fingerstyle Guitar Songs

The basic guitar chords come in two flavors:




These are called a Major And Minor Chords. These are very commonly confused with each other though. A Major Chord always starts with a Major 3rd chord: ii, ii, iii. (I = iii)

II Chords start with a Minor 3rd chord: i.e. bm.

III Chords (except for minor 4th chords) start with an Ab, Ab9, Bbm, Abm, Bbm9.

This is useful to keep in mind.

How are chords created and written?

Chords can be created one of two ways:
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With the root note of the chord being stressed or a dominant chord being stressed.

All the chords that follow the root note are major or blues dominant.

As mentioned above, when the chord is stressed, it is the root note

As the root note of a chord is stressed, it is usually written as C Major.

How to add tension to a Minor Chord

Minor chords are made up of a tonic chord, a dominant chord, and the root note.

The major 3rd has 1 tone less and the minor 3rd has 7.7 tones less.

When the root note is stressed, the root note is written as the C Major 1st tone.

I am going to talk about how to add some tension to the Major and Minor Chords below.

The 3 Most Common Chords

In the key of C Minor, the following four chords define the chords.

C Maj Dm Em Em




So, the C Maj/Em and D Minus are common minor chords used for most blues melodies.

How to add a tonic chord to the F and G Chords

This is also where the major and minor 7th chords come into play.

This is also where the chords come into play. A tonic chord is either a major or minor 7th chord.

These 3 chords are the tonic and the dominant 7th.

So in F and G, the maj 7 chords have both the dominant 7th and the tonic chord

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