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The most common chord to be used to play is the triad, the third chord between the major and minor triads (or the minor pentatonic). Some bass guitarists play them in different ways or even solo without the use of a chord, just as many rock guitarists do (for a great solo that does this, read Paul McCartney’s Blues for Beginners).

The “sick man of Europe” is currently being cared for by the U.S. State Department, reports The Washington Examiner.

Hussein Ismail Fazeli, 53, is being cared for at the U.S. embassy to Germany.

“There were no reports of any issues at the U.S. Embassy, and U.S. officials have determined that there is no immediate indication of a threat or injury in the United States,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in a statement. “We are providing additional security, training and counseling to Embassy staff and others in the affected embassy areas.”

Nuland also said: “This gentleman is a man who suffered from kidney failure after he had two operations for a condition he had, which he had been diagnosed as chronic kidney disease. His symptoms have persisted over the past two years as far as we know, and they have caused him to lose his appetite. The State Department assesses that, in terms of health care, his current condition is not that severe by any objective measure.”

Fazeli, who is known around Germany as “Hausfronter,” was discovered in 2013 suffering from an acute kidney condition, according to police.

In 2014, he told authorities that he was suffering from depression and had been sleeping on the floors of homes to help treat the severe kidney problems that were making him physically and mentally unable to work, according to German regional daily Bild Zeitung.

The state of his health had prompted his father to decide to take him to the U.S. embassy, according to a transcript of an interview with the elder Fazeli provided to ABC News.

“My father took me to the United States Embassy for care,” the elder Fazeli said in the interview, obtained by ABC. “He wanted me to tell you that if something happened to me, I would like you to consider putting me in my grave. You will find it here in this little room at the United States Embassy, but it is no home.”

The father said that doctors would have been unable to

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