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What You’ll Be Creating

As you’re working on your next WordPress theme, this is a very important question. As you’ll be building this theme with a lot of other people’s code, there’s no guarantee on that front. That’s why you should be testing these components very thoroughly (or have already, in case you’re new to them), even if it doesn’t seem obvious at the time.

If it’s your first theme, then your most important task is probably to know what the theme is about. A lot of people come here hoping to learn what WordPress can do, but what they’re getting is not all there is, for the most part. The best way to learn what you’re up against is to work with the theme yourself.

Before you can start adding functionality, the basics and the default theme options, you need to configure your site.

WordPress comes with a number of built-in settings so that you don’t have to worry about the actual work, but you’re going to want to do them anyway before you hit the ‘add-on’ button. One option you won’t want to take advantage of (if only because you can’t!) is the “autoprefixer”.

WordPress can do a lot more. That includes all sorts of other stuff that you wouldn’t be able to do, like auto-theme updates, advanced CSS handling options, advanced HTML processing options, and even custom page templates for you. This is all the stuff that WordPress can do right on its own.

Let’s have a look and see what WordPress can do to get you started. Let’s start with the basic configuration of the site.

The Basic Configuration

What if you want all of the basic features of the theme without even touching it? Then the best way to start working on a theme isn’t to touch the code, but to let it run with defaults and add-ons you’re probably using already. What you should do for the purpose of this tutorial is to setup your theme so that it’s already set up to work with these basic features before you begin working on additional features. That way, you can just keep the default settings and skip directly into the features!

First, you have to set up your settings in a very particular way, because WordPress can get confused with a big number of variables. Think of it like you have your own language. To be able to do stuff, you have to take turns explaining what your

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