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The guitar chords are basically these simple chords that you will find on a guitar and the way you will play them is that you’ll learn them like you would in order to play other chords, and then for the first time you will learn the new guitar chords and what they mean.

The way the guitar keys are numbered and the chords listed are as follows: C, G, A, B.

The notes are as follows,


So the notes will be C C E G G A E.

What are the basic guitar melodies?

The chords and the melody have a common melody that you will learn first in order to learn the chords.

The melody will usually be two or more different chord tones, but sometimes you may learn one chord melody and a lead note lead off to that chord melody. This chord melody is really easy and the chords you learn here should be a great starting point for you. As you will notice, most of the chords you learn on the guitar are the same.

There are some exceptions, such as the B flat on beat two, but in general you can assume that you’re going to learn a melody for the B flat chord over every song. The following are some basic chord melody examples that you can use on both lead and rhythm guitar. Here are a few examples of the chord melody over the B flat chord and the melody you are going to learn over the C root interval on the fretboard.

The example in the first position is the melody that you will learn over the B flat and the next example is the melody that will be our lead bass melody over the B flat.

This is a very basic harmony and we will talk a little more about chord melody on our next lesson about chord melody.

When to learn guitar chord melodies

If you’re doing a lead guitar solo, chord melody is best used to spice things up. In some of the newer tunes especially, you don’t want to have to sing lead songs because you may want to play another chord. You can use chord melody and lead guitar synths to get an extra feel or a different bass line depending on how and why you want to change the melody. It’s really a matter of your preference.

Let’s take a closer look at some chord melodies and the two lead melody examples you can try to build in the examples below.

Cmaj7 – C maj7 is the most popular chord

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