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From the very beginning of learning guitar, you have to be able to read the chord progressions (or the arpeggios in classical guitar), and use them whenever you write a lick.

These are the most important chords for learning guitar, but it is possible to learn songs that use chords with many different chords, too. The following chord progressions are not required for learning guitar, but they are useful for practicing any chord progressions in your band.

Here is how to read guitar chord progressions with these progressions, starting with the most simple one. It is a typical solo guitar progression.

Learn these chord progressions by playing “chords” as a solo

(note: when you do not play chords and the chord progression changes to your solos, it is fine to play as if you don’t know the chords, as you will play them normally in your guitar solo).

Most musicians know the following chart for learning chords

The diagram below has seven chords that are commonly used in rock songs such as rock, blues, and country.

The chord progression uses a dominant 7th (dominant chord). It is not a major or minor chord. It contains a major triad in the first, and a dominant seventh in the second and third.

1. Dm7

The first and fourth notes of the chord are the root of the chord.

The second note in the chord is the 2nd and 4th note, the third and fifth note are the 5th and 7th notes and the fifth note is the 3rd and the root of the chord.

In this example, the root of the chord is Dm7 (root note of the D chord) and the 4th note is the 2nd and 4th note of the scale (the 5th note of the scale).

Dm7 = D – – – – –

The 1st note is the fundamental and the 4th is the 2nd note of the scale.

When reading a chart, listen to the chord progression from top to bottom. Notice the 1st note in the A chord is the root, the 2nd note is the 7th, the 3rd note is the 5th, the 3rd note is the 7th and the fundamental.

The second note in the A chord is the 3rd note of the scale and the 1st note of the scale is from the A chord.

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