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Guitar chords are used when developing the main tones of a chord progression. You can do much more advanced work on chord voicings before you learn any guitar chord shapes. Here are 6 of our favorites, as shown in the picture above, with explanations provided below.


The Cmaj7b5 is one of the first chord shapes you learn when learning guitar. The Cmaj7b5 can be used in pretty much any song you play, but it’s especially versatile because it’s a very open chord shape. You can learn it in many keybasses and chords but don’t worry, it won’t be too hard for a beginner to pick one up.


Let’s see how it sounds, as our Cmaj7b5 is in Major, as it’s used in songs from The Beatles to The Rolling Stones.


The Cmaj7 is the same chord shape as the Cmaj7b5 above. The Cmaj7b5 is a simple chord that you can get into in your guitar practice. In most scales, the Cmaj7 chord would represent Major (C) or Minor (m) .


The Cmaj7 chord is a common one with a lot of great songs, and as a song goes, it will have a lot of great variations. It’s a great chord progression for any song, but it would be useful to start learning it in key if you want it to be easier to play. In Major, the Cmaj7b5 would represent Major7 (F#) .


In songs from The Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Paul Simon, the Cmaj7b5 represents C major (C) or V5 (G) . Since these songs have so many more options, the chords on them would be too difficult for beginners to use. The Cmaj7b5 is also the one we use in all the song links on the guitar site.


The Chr5 chord is so common that it’s a major key shape. The major 5 would represent 5 , the minor 5 would represent 4 , and the dominant 5 representing

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