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The guitar is often the easiest instrument to learn, at least as hard to learn as playing an instrument. Here are some factors to consider when buying or playing a guitar, including how much practice a person can reasonably get and which instrument is easiest to learn:

How much practice is necessary

How long you can play or practice with a given instrument

How long you will play without going off-track, which is harder than it sounds, and more important to learn than you might think

Whether you want a traditional, upright, banjo, mandolin, or the double-bass

How comfortable doing exercises such as playing a chord or playing arpeggiated scales with the guitar

Whether you want more advanced music theory and/or more skills to work with

If you plan on making a serious career in this field, you would need at least 3-15 hours of music practice each day, which means you may want to consider getting a guitar for the rest of your life. If you do not plan on making a career in music music education, some people feel that some of the above questions are irrelevant for a career as an instructor. It is also possible that you will take more care or learn to play and play better in a lower-stakes, less formal setting, though this is not a recommendation.
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How long can practice with a given instrument?

The key to finding a musical instrument that you like is being able to play for a long enough period of time to notice improvements in your playing. Here are the factors that go into finding a perfect instrument:

How much practice is necessary

A longer time period to be able to play

How long it takes you to feel comfortable and find your own style

How comfortable you feel practicing the instrument

The more playing you practice, the more comfortable you will become. You may not be able to play and enjoy yourself if you take more than 15-20 hours of practice. You may decide to limit your practice if you don’t feel as comfortable with the instrument. I have found that 10 hours is usually enough practice for most beginners.

Whether you would like to make a career as an instructor or do a music major at school may contribute to your comfort level with playing a given instrument. There are many factors that are important for getting the most out of playing music but these three key factors are the most crucial to your success.

How comfortable do you feel practicing with a given instrument? There

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