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The price is based on the individual student’s credit score. If you have a credit score that is too high, that may mean that they are not capable of paying the fee.

Are credit scores allowed at my school or am I required to have one?

Some schools require an ID, but this requirement falls under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If you are not in the United States, and are the subject of an inquiry from a credit bureau or lender, you may have to present an ID. However, many schools will not make inquiries into your financial situation unless you have an ID. Once ID is presented, there will be no further inquiry.

What are some financial considerations when applying for tuition?

If you are a current student, they will need to report your earnings on their tax return. You will be required to provide proof, such as an employment agreement.

Do you offer free tuition?

Yes, there are many financial and non-financial supports offered to students. The University is in the United States for one reason and one reason only – to serve our students.

How can I obtain a Financial Aid form after my program has ended?

Please download the Free Financial Aid App for the iPhone.

What is the cost for tuition at Cal State San Marcos?

Tuition starts at $6,937.50/credit, all credit courses are at 12 credit hours, undergraduate programs are $24,000. Tuition increases annually with inflation and is dependent on each department receiving an approved tuition increase.

How do you pay for tuition?

Students can apply for financial aid in two ways – on their financial aid forms on the calendar that they attend Cal State San Marcos, or through their enrollment status, which is dependent on student enrollment. It is our policy to allow students to apply for financial aid in several ways.

How do you pay for tuition?

For undergraduate students, tuition is the responsibility of each individual department. A credit card is mandatory in all programs.

For graduate students, tuition fees are calculated as an individual amount at each academic year according to your program’s academic calendar. Fees vary per academic year and are dependent on the number of credits you receive under the program.

What is your maximum tuition for this academic year?

This year’s maximum will be $6,937.50 per credit

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