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“My friend, Billy Gibbons,” says Gossage. “He was on ‘Hurt’ and he was my first guitar teacher for about six months. He was just an amazing guy and I’ve always been thankful for his generosity. He was my idol growing up, but he was so great at teaching me that I didn’t care who the person was.”

So, when Gossage got the chance to play guitar with Grom, he was instantly hooked. A number of other talented musicians and musicians have followed Gossage’s lead in playing with Grom over the past few years.

“I’ve been at this for six years,” says Gossage, “and it was always in the back of my mind that I wanted Billy Gibbons to have that kind of influence.”

Gossage says that he and Grom had a really great conversation about Grom’s music that went around this weekend. It has taken a lot of time, though, because Grom is still just starting.

It may be a long wait, but Gagnon doesn’t believe it will be that long.

“No, he’s definitely a person I would like to do music with,” says Gossage “I would like that kind of thing, not just for Grom, but for anybody who loves music.”

If your band wants him on its lineup, contact Matthew Gossage at mpw@sympatico.ca

After a weekend spent in sunny Los Angeles, the boys are back to the city where they first met four years ago. This time Brian, Travis, Chris and Tyler are on the same flight, as this one is headed for Paris and will be connecting again for future travel. However, the destination won’t be much different. “Paris is just a little bit the same,” Brian states. While the boys discuss Paris and the world of music with a very relaxed atmosphere, the conversation quickly changes to the latest issue of Rolling Stone. They’re quickly joined by host Matt Mira, who asks who makes the best albums of the year, with each answer proving different. The discussion takes a turn for the serious when Travis makes his case for Kanye West’s most important release. After a few minutes of listening to his comments, Tyler and Brian decide to take a different tack on this subject. Brian suggests that it has been his mission to never listen to anything that wasn’t Kanye, and after listening to a couple songs they decide they’ll just give

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