What is the hardest guitar solo? – How To Learn Guitar Chords Without Looking In Great

I think it might have to be, I don’t know. I do think there’s an emotional attachment to it. I’m always amazed at how many different techniques work together when you’re playing your first solo. Some of it is pure skill and some it’s instinct, and it’s always about that. There’s certain chords that I can never think of without thinking about them. It’s like, “This is the best chord. I think of this chord as an extension to my own guitar.” [Laughs.] But there are other times in my life where I’ve had to say, “Okay, you can’t get away with that, but now let’s try this.” So it’s a combination of both.

How does it feel to be seen by rock gods in your very first solo, or even your first live show?

I guess it’s amazing to know that people see that you put so much time and soul into making your songs. I’ve had people write to me, like it’s great for you, but they really don’t think you have that much time and passion. But it’s amazing that, if I ever stop doing it, I get that same amount of support that I would with a live band. The music has always been with me, but I feel, in some way, more relevant now. So I wouldn’t really be able to say what it is for sure, but it’s still a big deal.

It must be a big deal because you’re playing a lot more in your own time. How’s not seeing your songs played live change the way you view the music or the world?

It’s always a challenge for me because I don’t do much on tour. So the songs go out into the world and it’s a different experience. I feel like at times I need to have it just to be able to stay in that headspace. But the songs that come out are always the most real to me because I’ve seen them perform the way that I would. But it’s almost a part of my personality for me. It almost becomes part of where I am physically. I would like to be able to be in front of the audience with the songs for about seven days on tour. I’m working on it, but no, I don’t want to spend a lot of time sitting, or even on my couch. When you’re on tour for eight years it really does affect your emotional state.

Do you feel like your music has

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