What is the most sold guitar? – Can Anyone Learn To Play Guitar

Well, if we look at the year 2004, the most sold guitar in the market was the Gibson Les Paul Custom, and it was sold more than 11,000,000 units.

That is a lot of guitars. So, most popular guitar was still the Les Paul.

The price of guitars went down so much, that the price of the Les Paul is going down. It will go down to around $150-170, if it is still available.

How old is the guitar?

Since the Les Paul only goes back, 20-25!

How about Gibson Les Paul Custom?

Yes, it is the same guitar!

How many years did it go in production?

1938 to 1935.

How many Les Paul Custom guitars are made in different models and versions?

Yes, there are more than 50 different models.

Is there a specific number of colors or finishes?

Yes, all Les Paul Custom models have more than one color.

What’s the difference between a Gibson Les Paul Custom and an Epiphone Les Paul Custom?

The guitar has a very special sound, like a guitar from the 1950’s.

And it is different than the Epiphone. Both Epiphone and Gibson have a different sound and a special feel to them.

Do you recommend one over the other?

Yes, I recommend Epiphone!

Which Epiphone guitars are popular with collectors?

Most Epiphone guitars are the same models as the Les Paul, and are also available in different finishes.

What about the guitars in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s?

A lot of Epiphone and Gibson Les Paul custom guitars are the same.

What are top seller models like Les Paul Custom, Epiphone Les Paul, Gibson Les Paul Custom and Epiphone Les Paul Custom II Custom?

The top sellers are the Gibson Les Paul Custom, Epiphone Les Paul Custom, and Gibson Les Paul Custom II Custom.

What’s the price of these Epiphones that aren’t sold everywhere?

It depends on the stores, but the price of Epiphone Les Paul and Gibson Les Paul Custom will all be more than $300.

How much is the price of high-end custom Les Paul?

We will give you a rough estimate, but you can use a table to know the average price

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