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For the answer, you need to look at the following picture!

Now, it would be wrong for the guitar to be a major key, but the question is do chords play a major chord?

Let’s look at a couple of key chords:

If you play the root note of B Minor on a G Major chord, you should start on the 3rd note of D Major. You could also play the root note of C minor on a G Major chord.

To answer the question on the guitar, we would need to play one of these chord changes.

It is not very easy to play, but we are not looking at a new scale, we are applying the theory.

To start with, the 3rd chord of B Minor would be an A Minor chord to your ears!

Now, on the Bm Major scale, the 1st, 5th, and 7th notes of the minor key is the root note of the first string of the fingerboard.

In our case, the root note of A minor is a B Major.

If you are playing a C Mixolydian, it would look like this:

So, if the chord of D Major was C Mixolydian and we played F Mixolydian chords on one E Minor string, the second note on our other string would be a B Mixolydian!

This is a little confusing, so the chord would be written:

Now, the 2nd note of D Major would be a B minor.
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The first note on our other string would be an F Mixolydian!

What to do now? What is the root note of the chord that will play the root note on your 1st, 5th, AND 7th string? Now don’t get cocky, just know that you need to be able to answer this question correctly, otherwise you will not be able to play the key chord of a F Major chord on your 1st and 5th strings of your guitar.

Since the 2nd note in a 3rd-Chord Bm Major Scale is a F Mixolydian, you would need to play F Mixolydian chords on the 5th string of your guitar. The 2nd fret on a guitar has the same string as the 1st fret. If I played F Mixolydian on the 2nd fret, I would be playing in the key of E (F#

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