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Learn the essential notes of a scale, then move to other scales, then the chords, then the arpeggios, then the scales etc…

The key to learning something is to do it often enough to get the hang of it. Once you are good at the first thing, you usually can get the hang of more things.

So, the first thing to know on guitar is how to play notes in different order, starting with one note on a string and working your way up.

For more about the different orders, check out the lesson What’s the order of notes on a guitar.

The third way to learn new guitar techniques is to practice them over a backing track.

If you have never mastered a backing track before, make the most of the time it’s available – try playing backing track songs or using drum loops.

Remember to keep the pace at a quick pace. Also, don’t make your backing tracks too long – a nice tempo can help you remember notes quicker.

If you’ve done this successfully, you will want to make sure your backing tracks are not too long though.

If you want to try this out, get a MIDI keyboard. You can record any MIDI file and playback this back-into-back with a backing track.

Now, in order to remember this order, it’s usually best to keep your fingers close and your neck very loose (or at least the same distance from your ears as on a standard guitar) so that the tips of your fingers don’t get too close to your tongue, which is what is causing the “corks” (i.e. notes that can be confused with notes on the back-up track track; I know this sounds weird but it’s important to remember).

Once you have some practice time with backing tracks you should be able to easily remember the order from the start.

Once you’ve mastered the first order of playing notes in the key of C Major on a guitar, a little bit of practice makes a big difference.

So, how can I practice playing this order?

It’s the order of the notes on this guitar that you need to start on when playing in order.

So, what are some starting patterns for you to try and use to practice this order?

When playing the chords with the order you need to learn, make sure you keep your fingers very close and the notes very loose.

Try to think

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