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I don’t think I could pick just one, it’s like trying to pick which is the best hammer. This is why our customer, Mike, picked a Stratocaster instead of a Cawley with a tremolo.

I’ve had some good suggestions over the years and I’ve got a lot of my own ideas to add, and I’m pretty sure I know at least half those I’m missing!

How do you get the right tone on different instruments?

There are many different factors to consider including the kind of tuning you’re using, the size of the instrument, the wood, the construction of the guitar, the wood choice, the wood type, the finish used vs finish type (wood vs non-wood), the type of pickups (buzz, hum, etc.), the number of strings for the guitar, the amount of frets (up or down), the amount of pickup use, the tone you want, the location of the pickups in the neck or bridge and so on.

If you find the answer to any of these I recommend visiting the guitar forum at The Rocker’s Forum and the “Rock N’ Country Rockers” on the web. Both of these sites are extremely helpful in answering questions, but I can add my own two cents as well on my own playing style and how I feel about each of them.

I believe it’s best to focus on making a guitar that sounds exactly how you want it to sound! After the first guitar you buy you can’t help but be impressed by what you’ll be rocking with.

As for getting the right tone, that often depends on what you want the tone to be. I think what you want your tone to be for a jazz guitar is around 12-13kHz. A rock guitar with 9 or 10k might be a little bit lower on the low side. For a modern guitar you might want to go even lower with a low 12-14kHz range.

I have a couple of guitars that have been tuned low on the low side, usually about 12Khz. I really think with all of the tuning you should really try to do the best you can with your instrument and not focus so much on the technical process of making the guitar.
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For many guitar builders you have all the tools you need to start playing right away, but a lot of people need some help in figuring out what they want and what they are looking for in a guitar.

I use the forums as

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