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We love it! Every teacher has unique expertise that will make you learn much faster. The learning curve is usually easy to spot once you get to know the teacher. The difference in the teachers’ style may be different from teacher to teacher. However, all of the teachers will always be excellent. We found the best online guitar teacher for guitar and drums.

It takes just minutes and you can learn in realtime. You will learn fast.
Superpowers Music Academy | Learn the faster, easier way!!

We have got a few of our teachers on our staff, there are several teachers who are experts in their topic.

We have very strict rules about their conduct, no cheating and all staff are well prepared. This ensures that no one goes astray, they have the correct answers and we are there constantly to make sure things are going smoothly.

With that, it is only reasonable to expect that you will be getting the best instruction from all the players at our school. Everyone is trained and qualified to teach guitar and drums with the highest quality.

This has never been easier and at no extra charge. Our service is also free to all players.

The best lesson plans available

We have a huge catalogue of our services available, it could be anything from online lessons, guitar and drum lessons, guitar lessons with professional instructors etc.

We have an enormous collection of the best guitar lessons online.

Our online guitar lessons are available online right now with various video and downloadable versions. They include lessons in standard formats and also ones in video quality. All of these songs are free to use for any lesson.

You can just search for any of the free songs and enjoy that.

Every of you can upload a video to the website.

Our guitar lessons have been designed to appeal to the whole crowd.

We aim for every player.

We use the most up to date technology that you will enjoy.

You can share your videos with others and even get credit.

We have the most flexible payment method, free for the students, monthly for the staff and for the student support.

Our online guitar lessons are all for free.

All of our guitar instructor teachers are highly experienced and highly qualified.

They all have great knowledge about their subject and have years of experience.

They will teach you guitar lessons with the best quality at a fair rate.

You can take their lessons at one of our online venues or anywhere you like.

We have over 2,

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