How long it takes to edit a music video? – Filmmaking Udemy

When does a video require re-editing? A video can take between 3 to 5 days to post. How do I post a music video? You can post to YouTube Videos, Vimeo Videos, and Ustream. Once you’ve put your video on YouTube, it will be accessible from or! How long does it take to […]

How much does a ring light cost? – Dslr Video Production

A ring light is one of four things that you can buy for that small amount of money, just as the ring is a small number of things that you can buy, just like the dollar is a small number of things that you can buy. It’s a big number of things that you can […]

How much does a 1 minute video cost? – See Yourself While Filming

A good price per minute is 1:14.5 of an hour. However, 1:14 is used quite commonly as a conversion factor. This means that every hour that someone spends watching your video will result one “minute” (1 unit:1414) of the video being watched. For example, if someone views it for a week, and the video is […]

How much do legal videographers make? – Videography For Beginners

What about professional video producers? How much would they be paid to make a documentary of this size? If you are a filmmaker and would like to be featured in this issue of Legal Videography, please contact us to have your documentary featured and for more information. The American Institute for Architects (AIA) has released […]