How much do freelance videographers make? – Cinematography Shots

The top hourly rate is around $9 per hour and is the fastest growing industry. How much do freelance web developers make? The top hourly rate is around $10 per hour, but that’s the lowest paid category. How much do freelance graphic designers make? The fastest growing online job category is the freelance graphic designer […]

How much do freelance videographers make? – Learn To Shoot Video On Dslr

Most freelancers work from home, though they may decide to work in a nearby studio. Some also work from the car or public transportation. For instance, freelance videographers may make anywhere from $10 and up. How much do videographers pay? Most freelancer make anywhere from $0 to $20 or even more. Some people make up […]

Are ring lights good for video? – Video Shoot Meaning

When used safely, they are indeed quite interesting, but they are also quite expensive and can potentially cause a lot of damage. There have been several lawsuits regarding video ring lights in the past few years, which usually revolve around how they are used and some people’s claims as to whether their ring lights should […]

How do I record video on my smartphone? – Video Production Training

For some of the questions we get the most, we’re not sure. We’ve found it pretty simple to record video in your phone (and probably your camera) but the video will be recorded in real time and will appear as a JPEG (in most cases) or as a GIF (in almost all cases). This method […]

Do I need a microphone to make YouTube videos? – Video Shoot Meaning

No. The only requirement for making a video on YouTube is that you are in the United States. If you are not in the United States, you must be affiliated with YouTube, but the content on your YouTube channel doesn’t count towards your total U.S. video playing time. Make sure that you are actively making […]

How can I edit a video like a pro? – Documentary Film Camera Techniques

Editors will often share the video with anyone who might be interested, and they sometimes even let you embed the video elsewhere on the web as a source. It’s easy to get started, and once you’ve learned to do it, you can be a YouTube video expert. How do I make YouTube comments? A video […]