How do I start a career in video editing? – Documentary Film Camera Techniques

Many beginners have a hard time working as a video editor and struggle to find success in the field due to their lack of knowledge related to video editing. In this section, you will be guided by an experienced video editor with plenty of experience in producing videos. By following his instruction, you will have […]

How much should I charge for videography? – Blue Shooting

For more information, email us at The Telegraph’s videography policy This one is a doozy! From the looks of it, there’s really only one way the two are going to resolve their relationship! And it’s not about her, she’s the main issue here, so you can be sure this is going to end up […]

Which camera can shoot 4k 60fps? – Cinematography Shots

This seems like a fairly technical question, but there are some pretty obvious cameras out there that might prove the best 4k shooters, including the Sony a7S and the Panasonic GH4. (CNN) An Indiana woman who was shot in the head, torso and upper body Sunday during an attempted home invasion in which the intruder […]

How long it takes to edit a music video? – Videography Basics Pdf

Let’s say there’s a video for this song: You can see, from the picture, that the video has a video of someone doing something in the music video. The first thing that happens when you edit the video is you see the sound effects, or whatever you call them. Then you go to edit the […]