Do I need a microphone to make YouTube videos? – Using Iphone For Youtube Videos

YouTube is not a video sharing website, however, many video sharing platforms do have a built in microphone for recording audio and sending the audio directly to your YouTube channel when you upload a video. For best results, make sure you have an available mic and a good audio recorder like the ProximaStick or EH9000. Note that the ProximaStick and EH9000 require a dedicated audio cable while the ProximaVoice requires a standalone audio stream adapter.

I don’t have an existing YouTube channel, can I still make a video of my life? YouTube provides a way to create videos that allow you to show your life and experiences while sharing a unique voiceover to the world. Once you upload a video using YourVideoShare, viewers around the world will see a notification saying that their video is available to view in a dedicated browser window. YouTube lets advertisers create and edit their promotional videos and embed videos featuring celebrities, brands, and other influential people. If you feel like your voiceover is too personal, you can upload it with a “Custom Channel” option in YourVideoShare. These custom channels are available for brands, celebrities, businesses, and other highly-visible people who have a huge profile.
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I don’t have a microphone to record myself. How will I know what I am saying? The video file on the server can only be edited after the video has been saved and the user has been identified in Google Analytics on the device. For example, the video of me delivering a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in April 2016 will record only if you have spoken the words “Congresswoman” and then pressed play on the recording. To get your voice heard, download the Speech Analyzer app and use the video in a Voice Memos app. This app shows you how your voice is recorded and then makes it ready to be recorded onto a Google Document that you can share on YouTube.

I have a problem with the audio quality on YouTube videos. Can I edit anything? At the moment, you’ll have to use the YouTube settings page to change the audio quality and the quality on your device. For Android video apps, there is a shortcut option in the Google Play Store titled Settings, Google Chrome and YouTube. If you click on it, you can change the audio settings using the sound settings. Click the “More” option at the bottom of the page and click on “Preferences”. Once you’ve done so, you’ll find a new setting called “Quality Settings”. Then choose

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