How can I shoot better videos? – Video Production Training

Here are a few tips:

Use full-time manual focusing or a tripod if you have one.

Use a tripod and a tripod adapter when you shoot handheld.

Use low-light conditions.

Keep the shutter open to the full shutter speed of 1/8000 second or longer, or a lower shutter speed of 1/15 second or less.

Take off your camera quickly after focusing on something you want to capture.

Be gentle with your camera during this process.

Avoid standing or kneeling on shaky hands.

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Keep the camera body straight with the bottom of the lens in the frame and avoid shaking your camera with your feet or legs.

Focus on something you want to show off to your family or friends. It can be anything from an old car, to a house, to a friend’s car.

If the camera is too close to a moving object you don’t want to see, hold your phone to the body to remove movement.

Remember, keep your distance from your subject. Even in action videos with a very close-up camera angle, the most important part is to have your subject in the frame as much as possible.

Don’t just focus on your subject, but also try and keep them still. If they’re moving, you’re not taking full advantage of zoom, and you’ll ruin the shot.

If you’re shooting a scene shot on a smartphone and want to show off the camera’s quality, consider getting a good high-resolution camera with video capability.

Can I record video from the iPhone, iPad, and iPhone/iPad Mini?

Absolutely. You can shoot movies, too. I recommend taking a movie from your iPhone, iPad, or iPhone Mini.

To take your videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPhone Mini, make sure you have all the prerequisites installed. Head over to the iOS Devices section of our website or download them from the App Store.

You’ll also likely want to enable Airplane Mode. This feature automatically switches off your phone when not in use, and lets you take video and photos while avoiding distractions.

If you need help on how to install Airplane Mode, read this guide: How to Prevent Video and Photos from Stuttering

If your mobile device isn’t set up to take video, you’ll have to wait to use the Camera Roll function. Just head into Settings and check to see if you have the Camera Roll

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