How do I make a video background? – Video Production Courses

You can use the Backgrounds tab in your game’s settings.

In the “Video Background” options, select the camera’s size and position, which will vary with game-specific settings you choose.

To use a specific background, select the game-specific option in the “Video Background” options section.

To use all of the available backgrounds, select the All Available tab from the Video Background option. To see all the available backgrounds, click the “Show all” link between the Game and Video Background sections.

Select the background you want to use. Press the “OK” button to save and exit the “Backgrounds” option.

Note: You can’t delete or rename a video background. Make sure you’re ready when you go to “Preview Backgrounds,” so you don’t accidentally load the wrong one.

This is a photo of an unused background.

Backgrounds aren’t always present in a game. Some games may feature them in the background while other games don’t.

If you have a background that you like, but couldn’t use it in the game, you can make it available through the “Edit All” link in the “Video Background” section.

The background may be removed permanently if it gets out of style, and can be replaced by new backgrounds using the “Edit All” link.

Check out the tutorials listed in the Tutorials section for more information.

To make a video background for a specific game, first select a title you would like to set as the background for that game. For example, you would use the Video Background option in your video game’s settings. Then select the game you would like to use as the background. For each title you select, use a blank video. There are no titles you’ll see in the background unless you have selected one.

Note: You can set this option in one go by clicking on “Edit All” from the Video Background option.

When creating a video background, you cannot edit the default video quality.

This is a video background.

This is an image used for preview.

This is an image used for previews.

Select whether you prefer video backgrounds for game-specific settings or all settings.

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