How do I price myself as a freelancer? – Learn How To Shoot Video

You can price yourself as a freelancer, and that is really important for most people that are trying to get some work out there. In the long run however your cost will be about the same. In terms of how much you charge or how much you’re willing to take, the best way is to find out how much you’re worth and work out how much you would charge for something like that in your current job. In this example we’ll say you sell a certain amount of content and would charge that in return. You could charge a lot for that but it might not work out with clients.

Find out what your current rate is

If you are looking to sell content then it’s important to figure out what your current rate is. A good place to start is to look on your portfolio where you’ll be writing about your niche and see if those are listings for freelancers’ work.

Check out the rate you’d charge

Another way to do it is find out your current rate and compare it to what you’d be looking at charging if you were selling to customers. If you’re a freelance writer with a high rate of productivity you might have some work to write which would be worth more that what we’ve quoted here. Of course sometimes you’ll charge less and sometimes you’ll charge more, but find out how much you are worth.
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Find clients and see what they want

You might have some clients that are looking for more specific services. So you might look for these specific clients and see if they come through.

If you’re looking for freelancers contact them and ask them for advice on pricing. Some of them will be willing to do a quote for you for something that we’ve discounted. If they are not willing then see how much it would cost you to try and negotiate. You could try to get some quotes through an agents but you might not be getting anything close to what you’ve quoted here.

Find opportunities to work with customers

Another way to find customers is looking for opportunities to work with them. You might see someone listing something and you think, “That sounds really cool, I might like to work with this person and that could be quite difficult.”

In some situations it might just be a chance to talk to someone and ask them what they can offer you. You might even consider asking for an interview. Or try and look for a sale on social platforms.

If you’ve seen something that looks good that might interest you

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