How do I record music while playing music on my iPhone? – See Yourself While Filming

Use your iPod shuffle feature to play music files stored on your iPhone (iOS 7 and higher required).

Use the Control Center to change volume.

To change the volume through the Control Center, you must first launch the App, and then tap the Volume down button:

iTunes and other music stores support two Volume control modes:

1. A constant volume setting: The volume knob adjusts the volume as you change tracks on a tracklist. The volume level is always at the level of the track.

The volume knob adjusts the volume as you change tracks on a tracklist. The volume level is always at the level of the track.

2. A track volume adjustment setting: You can set the track’s volume level as well as its volume range, where the higher numbers indicate the same as the higher setting. For all volume adjustment settings, the volume is set to zero when the track is not played in Play or Record mode. Your iPhone will remain in the Control Center for you.

See How to Set a Track’s Volume in iTunes for setting up Control Center.

How do I switch off the iPod shuffle feature?

To switch the shuffle feature off, open Play or Record mode by tapping the menu button or tapping the song title, and then tap the song title in an empty space to dismiss the song.

What is the iPod shuffle function?

The iPod shuffle mode displays a line of digits (1-12) that indicates the track number of each track you are listening to.

The number of the track can be set in either Play or Record mode (up to 12 tracks).

On the iPhone, the shuffle mode works like most modern music players, by playing the track and the music player shows the track number until you stop the music player from playing your selected song. The shuffle function is available to all music tracks on the iPhone.

To avoid having to stop playing the music, you can always pause a song manually via the iPhone’s Control Center.

If you listen to music on your iPhone during the shuffle, the iPod shuffle function will turn off automatically, even if you do nothing. If you want to continue playing your music continuously, you can turn the iPod shuffle back on by manually tapping the volume button or tap the song title.

If you find the iPod shuffle feature difficult to use, or prefer to turn it off automatically, you can also use the iPhone’s Control Center to change the volume.

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