How do I record video on my smartphone? – Cinematography Courses Pdf

Step 1: Go to the main screen and tap on the Camera icon. From this screen, tap on the recording option and select the video you want to record. For example, you can record a 30-second video for a blog or a YouTube video or even a 10-second video for your movie.

Step 2: Tap on the camera icon to save your video recording. Tap on the red X to send your recording to the app where the video will be used in the app. Alternatively, you can upload video to YouTube from YouTube and upload your clip (as usual) to your Facebook account (but it’s optional)

Step 3: For the best result, make sure you select RAW (that’s a lossless format) in camera settings. You can get the raw image from the camera app, by tapping on the camera icon.

Step 4: Download the video file from your video file sharing app (e.g, DropBox, Amazon) and save it to your phone’s device storage (e.g, SD card). Once the file is open in the app, you can also record to it with the microphone feature.

Step 5: Now open the Android application and go into the “More” menu. Tap on “Record” and select the video from the video file sharing app. Record video and then exit the Android app by pressing the red X in the bottom left.

For best results, make sure you select RAW (that’s a lossless format) in camera settings and choose the file to save as video instead of the camera’s high-quality RAW format, e.g. JPEG.

How to capture video on mobile phone with Android Lollipop

This is the version of the Android Lollipop video recording app that we used as an example in this tutorial.

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