How do I record video on my smartphone? – Video Production Training

For some of the questions we get the most, we’re not sure. We’ve found it pretty simple to record video in your phone (and probably your camera) but the video will be recorded in real time and will appear as a JPEG (in most cases) or as a GIF (in almost all cases). This method is pretty handy if you’re a small person and your phone doesn’t have a real-time mode so you can just record in slow-mo.
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We also have another option for shooting video on your phone. We’ve found by using Video Recording Apps (known as VSCO) in iOS that we never need to change the capture rate as the video itself is recorded in a higher quality so we can get higher resolution images. You can use the video you shoot when you upload it to YouTube or upload it to your blog, Twitter or any other social media, where you can share and share the results with your readers and family.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to record video on your iPhone without installing any additional applications like a VSCO or Camtasia.

Step 1 – Download the free iPhone recording app called iMovie or the iPhone recording app, VSCO.

Step 2 – Download your iPhone camera and install it on your phone.

Step 3 – Connect your iPhone device to your smartphone using Air cable (if you have one), Lightning cable (if you don’t have a Lightning cable, you can use a standard 3.5mm cable) or Micro-B.

Step 4 – Open the app on your device and plug in your iPhone.

Step 5 – After the app opens, press the record button.

Step 6 – When it starts the recording process, there will be a preview window like shown below.

Step 7 – The recording will begin capturing video for up to 30 seconds after pressing the record button.

Step 8 – Press the stop button to stop recording and your screen should go black and be shown as below. Click on ‘next’ or ‘previous’ to go through the recorded videos with the preview window shown below.

Step 9 – When you’re done recording you can delete the video in the recording app.

Step 10 – To delete the video file, you can click on the button and choose ‘delete’ button.

Step 11 – Once you’ve selected the video you want to delete, you can remove the video file with the button labeled ‘delete’.

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