How long it takes to edit a music video? – Filmmaking Udemy

When does a video require re-editing?

A video can take between 3 to 5 days to post.

How do I post a music video?
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You can post to YouTube Videos, Vimeo Videos, and Ustream. Once you’ve put your video on YouTube, it will be accessible from or!

How long does it take to get featured on YouTube?

When does a video start showing up on YouTube?

When can I upload a video to YouTube?

You can upload a music video that you have created to YouTube anytime, day or night or anywhere you wish. Make sure you have a good enough sound file or a good enough music video in your queue or you won’t be featured.

How often can I get featured on YouTube?

You’ll be featured 4 to 5 times per week. Make sure you have the right file or music for each upload. You’ll also be featured 2-3 times per month during peak viewing periods.

How do I check my video for tags with my video upload?

Go to the website where you have uploaded your song, and click the “Music Videos” tab. If you see a “Music Video” at the bottom of the page, your video should be tagged for music videos! Otherwise, you can see your video, and if it’s a music video, find the proper tag.

What can I do with my music video once it has been featured?

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