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We all like our cameras to be great at a lot of things. Our cameras need to capture a good amount of light for quality photos. High resolution is a good idea for low light situations, but there are very few situations where you can get the best out of a low-cost camera. For example, it’s impossible to shoot a lot of good quality stills with low-cost cameras because you can’t afford the high-end sensors that professional stills photographers use to make the best quality images possible:

The low resolution and low ISO capabilities required to make even the best stills on a low-cost camera mean only high-resolution stills will ever be available at low-end cameras as low-resolution stills are simply too difficult and expensive to be developed. While very few people are shooting stills at ISO 800-1600 on low-end cameras, this does not mean you cannot or don’t need to. Yes, an ISO 1600 still image is superior to an ISO 800 still image, but it means it is no longer possible to make images at very high quality like we’ve done here.

Why does it cost so much?


There is a lot of hype around the camera, but it’s the low prices these days that really make the differences in quality. We found that prices for the Sigma 300 are not only lower than the other cameras we’ve tested, they actually are cheaper than the same cameras made before the big craze for megapixels happened. For example, the Canon EOS 1000D in this review costs $1200 at most retailers. When you average the price of the camera with the price you’ll pay for the sensor and lenses and all the accessories listed you get as part of the package you should easily find yourself paying under $3000 for a camera. The EOS 200D in this review costs $2500. At that price you should be able to get a high quality, sharp still without having too many problems with it. If you want something with a better overall feature set you can go with the Sony RX100 or the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, or you could even invest in a proper camera with a better sensor and get the same results with a cheap camera.
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If you’re reading this review, chances are the price for a high-end camera is still pretty good: The Canon 5DSR, Nikon D810, Canon 4Ti, and the Leica M6 are all just below the $

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