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There is no real magic number of hours you need to work a day as a videographer. As a practical matter, a few hours is better than some months of less than 5-10 hours, so you can set aside a day or a week where you’ll actually spend in-person hours.

To figure out how much to expect, I used my own experience while working a six-month stint as a freelance videographer. I set my goals for myself and asked myself the following questions:

What hours do I want my freelance work to encompass?

I know how much work is available for each customer. How much of each person’s budget is needed?

What is the ideal balance between a busy weekend and a busy week?

What are the factors that lead to the most and least time spent on the project?

What is the most important thing to me?

I knew that I needed to find a balance between a busy weekend that included several client engagements and a busy week which included three to five events. The weekend also meant more time with clients than in the week, so it was important to be able to meet deadlines.

My ideal days are Monday (after business hours) through Friday. I work 8 hours a day in all of November and December, but I’m usually able to stretch my work out over the weekend. I work for an agency on Saturdays, but on the weekend I also get some freelance work from friends. On weekdays, I also work for another photographer, but on the weekend I also work for an agency.

In addition, let’s assume that all of my income is from freelance work and that I can produce my own schedule for the next month.

Now, let’s assume a month, a year, or three. In that case, a lot goes into managing your expectations. How many hours do you expect in your freelance work? How much more do you want to spend on travel? What about the equipment you’ll need? How much time you need to spend in-person and over the phone?

What kind of freelancer do you want to be?

I don’t think most professionals will have such expectations. The reality is that many people make enough money to live, let alone rent their own place and own their own car.

Most photographers aren’t trying to make as much money as possible per hour they work. I wouldn’t expect myself to be a freelance videographer all day, every

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