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The American Institute for Architects (AIA) has released an interactive graphic which shows architects of US states’ proposed building codes, from the National Building Council’s National Research Agenda 2016.

Each state represents a certain percentage of the US population, with the highest concentration of US population living in states which have the highest percentage of building code proposals.

With regard to the interactive graphic, a person sitting on a chair in front of a digital whiteboard can hover a mouse over a flag of a state and hover-over the building code proposed for that building.

The code for that home can be viewed in the same manner as the table, by clicking on the corresponding building code.

As can be seen, in the case of San Francisco and New York, a high percentage of proposed building codes would have the potential to make them the most efficient cities to be in, in terms of building quality.

However, not all building code proposals are created equal.

The New York City planning department is attempting to improve many of its building design standards. One of the proposals on the table would make it mandatory for new buildings to have windows that can see into the room below. The proposed standards would also be mandatory for homes for seniors, and make it mandatory for new buildings to be able to have solar technology installed by the end of 2018.

In California, the California Building Code Council, in its annual “New Building Code” review process, has published nine standards for new structures.

A code review is the process by which a building is proposed to be built, with a view to making any changes to the existing standard set by the original building code.

The California Building Code council is also seeking to increase the quality of construction services provided by the California Department of Building and Safety, by creating a new Building Inspection Board that would oversee all building improvements, including construction supervision and inspections of construction materials.

As of today, there are 10,735 active codes in America, including many new codes, and many older codes still in use, meaning that many states’ building codes are still in use as a guide to building quality.

According to the New Jersey Commission on Landmarks, that has lead to “some of the biggest

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