How much does a 5 minute video cost? – Online Videography Degree

It isn’t exactly a given that videos are a direct or exclusive sales channel for brands. On the other hand, a more than typical ratio of 10,000 views for a commercial of 30 seconds, or an 80 day supply for a $10 product, is likely to drive engagement in the form of leads and repeat purchases. However, the cost of a video is also a function of both the length of the video and the quality of the content contained within it, and the amount of time that needs to be invested in creating the video to maximize its impact when you’re dealing with short video clips.

The cost of video varies a great deal between companies, and is largely driven by the size of the project you’re looking to produce. The video length will be influenced by several factors, including the amount of footage, the quality of that footage, your goal, and more. If you’re trying to gain a large reach for an ad campaign, chances are you’ll probably be looking to shoot 15-30 minutes of video which will cost around between $200 and $500 to create and produce. By comparison, if you’re going after a specific niche then you may be able to shoot a smaller video, which is usually more than an hour long, and use much less funding for the first week of production.

I’m shooting a campaign with a budget of $10,000, and I’m producing a video of 50 minute length. Is there anything I should cut out?

While you don’t really want everything to be about videos and not much else, there are some things you can reduce the cost of. Remember that videos can be a strong promotional tool, and so if a video isn’t cutting it for you and you’re looking for a more direct sales channel, you may want to look to other methods.

For example, if you’re a small business who are trying to increase customer engagement through video, you may need to consider shortening the video to a 15-25 minute video – you only need five to six minutes to introduce your brand or your product and then a few minutes to create a cool effect for your viewers. Alternatively, if your goal for the video is to draw the attention of large audiences or make a name for yourself, then you can either shoot a one to three minute video, or use the time to create a cool and memorable video for the audience.

There are a few other things you may also want to consider in order to save on video for your own production budget

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