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A ring light costs anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on who you get it for. However, if you can find the right one, this can really help you save a ton of money!

Is it safe? Yes. Make sure you purchase a pair of eye and ring lights that have either the O-ring or the eye glass inside, so no sparks are going out.

Is it useful? No. A simple ring light is not nearly as useful as a proper light source designed specifically for a specific application. A ring light that is too bright is a good deal more of a liability than a flashlight.

Is it durable? Yes, it’s durable! The O-rings give the light its durability as well as a lot of extra light.

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What does LED light produce? You are probably most familiar with incandescent or LED light. These bulbs are really bright, and they produce a lot of heat. LEDs require less and a lot less energy to produce the same output as their incandescent counterparts, which means less waste. These light bulbs are also very efficient, which means you get less energy for the same amount of light. These are great at reducing our carbon footprint as well!

Is it durable? Yes, these light bulbs are durable, so you don’t need a lot of maintenance or replacing.

What do the light bulbs look like? The bulbs look like a bunch of little LED lights. They are usually made of ceramic or metal, but they are the same thing. The bulbs look kinda like this…

What do the lights look like when it’s not dark? It would look a little something like this in your bedroom.

What’s your favorite color? I really like the green light bulbs most. The light bulbs come in a lot of different colors. They are easy to tell apart because of the shape of the bulbs and their lights.

What are common flaws? There are no major faults you can see with the light bulb in your house. The ring light on the other hand is the one that has a lot of wear on it. Not being the ring light I’m a little more hesitant about replacing it and if this is the case, I think you better be prepared to throw it out!

What’s the next best method to save? If you live in a colder climate, you might consider buying a compact fluorescent light (CFL) as opposed to using a more expensive piece of lighting. The CFL’s are less

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