How much does a videographer cost per hour? – What Makes A Good Videographer

The cost of a professional videographer can often be found on the film website of the studio (although this isn’t always accurate) – they usually list a number, like $50 per hour (this should just be a rough estimate.) They do not normally tell you what that cost will be in a day. They don’t always tell you the size of film the photographer is shooting. They might only mention it is a 30 second short film or that it is a “30 second shot,” which isn’t particularly helpful.

I also read somewhere on reddit that this would increase the overall cost of the project – that there would be an extra bill for video editing at the studio. However, I never heard this figure mentioned anywhere, so it was hard to believe.

A short video shot like this wouldn’t generally cost much more than a standard feature film. The extra time it takes to edit could add a bit to the overall cost of the film, but this would generally be spread evenly across every frame. If I had any money left over and wanted to do a shorter commercial, it would be easier to cut the entire film for the edit, and get the editing done in one afternoon rather than several days.

Do they make money?

While it is rare that a videographer makes anywhere near what a full-time film crew would, a few freelancers do make quite a bit. But I have never had anyone say that they’ve not earned a living doing what they do.

Why is it so hard to find a location that can take one that is 30-minute long?

Many of the places that are perfect for commercial film require a lot of planning and budget. But in all my research I’ve never seen a film studio actually advertise their availability, so finding locations that fit the schedule would be difficult for them, as they would need to have people in their building right at a specific time, which would require going to an actual location and showing them where the shoot was. Some cinemas are only open at certain times of the day (which increases the cost when you need the studio to be open during these times), and the time of day (day and night) the location was set up would affect things as well.

In other words, the cost of making a film in a studio is very, very high.

What should you do about it?

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