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How much does YouTube pay?

The answer to both questions comes down to about $100 million in licensing fees per year, says Mark Zukerberg, the head of YouTube. He declined to provide a figure, saying only that the YouTube team focuses on developing new features, like “subscription videos that will be free, or ads, that will be paid.”

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Google and Facebook can’t exactly tell advertisers exactly how many views they’ll receive because it’s up to each company to track each individual video as it streams. But if both YouTube and Facebook can figure out how much money each user will pay for a video based on its streams, they’d know their users’ preferences.

When it comes to royalties, the two biggest players say they’ll be able to handle their share.

Tunnel Bikes are now available!

These are lightweight, comfortable, and reliable bike trailers! We’ve tested them out to see how they ride and what they can do for you. We’ll have a demo soon!

Want a full demo? Read on for the video that’s already been made and the product pictures.

We had a ton of questions and feedback about our designs and our pricing, so we created a YouTube show to explain how the tunnels went from design, prototyping, to production. In short, Tunnel Bikes will be affordable compared to traditional bike trailers, and designed specifically to suit those using bikes, and that’s exactly what you hear when we say the Tunnel Bikes trailer.

We created our first series of Bike Dummy Bikes, based off the design of a bike trailer to show what the Tunnel Bike can do. The original show had 12 bikes and we tried to show the main features of the Bike Dummy Trailer. The production of this video has been a long and hard journey as we have to produce new footage from numerous angles, and the videos have added to the cost of our production. We would like to provide you with a preview of the first four bikes.

In addition to showing new product pictures and explaining the processes for making them, the video will also be edited together to give you a closer look at some of the most exciting new features we’re introducing. These include a front pivot, a second arm that gives you the ability to ride on all four wheels, new tire choices, and a new and innovative suspension system.

We believe this video will be well received by our customers and help to explain the Tunnel Bike perfectly.


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