How much should I charge for a 30 second video? – See Yourself While Filming

If my client wants to show a 5 minute video, I should charge for the full 30 minutes. If my client wants to show an additional 30 seconds, I should charge for any additional time that will be used. Some web designers will charge for the entire duration of the video in the case that the client wants more than 30 seconds. This is because it may take some time to upload the video, and if you charge for the entire 30 seconds, clients will have to wait longer to see your finished work.

For some clients, I charge a flat rate for my own time that was needed. For example, I spent a long time at work designing a landing page for my business and I was paid on average $250 per hour (which included extra time that was required for each project). At the very end of that work, I was paid by my client as a thank you on their part for being so efficient in their time. While some clients might have hired someone else for that work, I was able to charge my own time for my own work. If I did not get paid, I did not have to leave my job.

Should I charge for a one-time video?

Absolutely not. I love doing my own work, and making my own videos at home is my favorite thing to do. However, sometimes a client will require more than one project and we can have some clients (like our family) that need to do a longer/faster version of our web design work, but want us to go through the same steps on a video. We are used to designing our website and getting to work immediately. This means that sometimes a client will request our services for a longer video, and for that reason we charge an additional amount.

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This is true for most things in our business (we will show a larger number of our clients videos to see what they will demand for the time given), but sometimes a client will want to see a shorter version of their work. This is also true of some web design companies, as they will need to show their client’s work in a more natural, quick viewing format.

If, while doing an interview with a client, a video on the video is requested of me, I will make a payment for a 30 seconds (which includes the initial video). If someone needs to see the completed video as the final work, then I will make a payment for a 20 seconds (which includes the initial video) and it is up to the client if they prefer

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