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This one is a doozy! From the looks of it, there’s really only one way the two are going to resolve their relationship! And it’s not about her, she’s the main issue here, so you can be sure this is going to end up going nowhere.
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First, let me just say that this is the first episode of the first (and probably only) season of Big Brother where they actually make any sort of effort to get along. It’s nice of them to not just go back to whatever they were at the beginning of this game and try to rehash the relationships they developed during the last ten episodes. They’ve got to realize that this is a brand new season, and that the only way you’re going to have a chance at success is by working together as a team.

So they do work together, and after about two days of this, things become more relaxed, but still bitter, because the two of them are still at odds on a lot of topics. The big issue for them is the fact that Jenna and Hayden have already been locked horns during the game for almost ten months now, and that only seems to make things worse. So Hayden decides to go on the attack, while Jenna makes sure that she stays on the sidelines and stays in the background so that she doesn’t seem like her own little bitch in front of everybody else.

That’s when things start to go to hell. Hayden throws a couple crazy accusations at Jenna, and Jenna runs away from him screaming, “YOU MADE A MISTAKE!” This is right after she did something quite a bit against Hayden. The first time she did some very disturbing things – throwing food on Hayden and accusing him of being faking sickness to take advantage of the “healer” and then basically dumping his shit on her – and the second was when she tried to put her finger in Hayden’s ass in front of all of the people in the house.

“Don’t you get it?!” That should be the first line of defense when you find out somebody else’s personal life is getting out of hand! If your family member has some type of issue and you find that out, try to get them help. You shouldn’t just get angry, take away their social standing and try to move on, you should confront them – like, at least verbally – about what you

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